the tampon project ..HAD to share for sissy’s everywhere

introducing, the tampon project.
now overly detailed sissies all over the world can rejoice in one more feminine action.

rolling your own giant butt sized tampon

so, using these, we are going to make those. you are going to need some maxi pads, some “string” as in, cord. here i used clothes line. also going to need some pipes later.


step one

open up a maxi pad, i think most of them are sticky on the inside so they stick to panties. this is very good. tear off the tape covering the sticky and lay the cord across it.


step two

roll the pad up tight, then after a roll or so bring and end of the cord back over and continue rolling. this is how it gets secured inside so you can pull it out.


step three

do step two again to the exact same end of the cord you folded over last time. roll a bit. continue doing this until you run out of cord on one end leaving only one long end left (the end you pull to get it out).



you now have a giant ass sized tampon. if your maxi pad had the sticky then it will hold itself together and that makes it more awesome.


building the tampon launcher

i am sorry, but when we are making tampons this sized they are no longer “insertion tubes” they are bloody launchers.

the launcher was made out of a 1” pipe cut to length, and then a 3/4” pipe inserted inside as the plunger. i then rounded the edge of both the inner and outer tubes so that it wouldn’t hurt going in… i used the sanding drum on a dremel to do that.


so push the tampon in the back end, then push it forward with the plunger so it sticks out a little from the injecting end. the red tape on the edge of the plunger was just to give it some friction so it wouldn’t fall out when carrying it.


and don’t forget to fray the end of the cord a bit for realisticness.

the end result is a tampon twice as wide as a normal one. if you are really evil, fill your boy toy up with enema and then pop one of these things in there to seal the deal.

do not flush tampon or launcher.

The countdown, in my opinion, would be the worst (after tease,of course).  There would never be a place to let your mind go and distract yourself from your cage. “Just 30 more minutes, pet.” really means 1,800  excruciating seconds.

Pretty in pink for a sissy boy. I like this one as it separates the balls for that little bit of extra pressure. Although this one looks much too large for containment and I don’t see any breathing holes.